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Ashok Sinha

Ashok Sinha is an American cinematographer, producer, and photographer whose work comprises a variety of subject matter ranging from intriguing human-interest stories to bodies of work that focus on the built environment. 


His most recent short film "Sticker City" (2019) was selected in Amazon Video’s first annual All Voices Film Festival and prior works such as "Pigeon Kings of Brooklyn" (2015) was featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick and screened at the Syfy Brooklyn Bridge Park film festival.


On the centennial of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s voyage, Ashok crossed the Drake Passage to Antarctica on an icebreaker ship, photographing for the National Geographic Image Collection and his photographs have appeared in publications such as The New York Times. Ashok recently drove 2,500 miles shooting "Gas and Glamour", an art book of Los Angeles roadside buildings from the golden age of car culture. It was chosen by both The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Magazine as a top photo book in 2020.

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Rakesh Chaudhary

Rakesh Chaudhary is an accomplished writer, director, and producer. His short narrative "The Eclipse of Taregna" (2011) was showcased at the Palm Springs Shortfest, and won Best Short Film at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. 

Rakesh has explored extraordinary stories of ordinary people on film, using both the narrative and documentary formats - a chef-turned-street-food-vendor in midtown Manhattan, a school on wheels for underprivileged kids in Mumbai, or an entrepreneur creating ecotourism experiences in rural India.

In addition to his filmmaking accomplishments, Rakesh spent twenty years helping broadcasters and brands connect with global audiences using cutting-edge cloud application and streaming solutions.

Rakesh has an eclectic taste in films and is inspired by the masters' craft - Werner Herzog’s fearless storytelling, Stanley Kubrick’s clinical precision and Satyajit Ray’s empathy towards the human condition.

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